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Tiscali is not just a settlement

Tiscali is not just a name of the Nuragic Village as you might think, Monte Tiscali actually is the name of the mountain where the village is situated. In the same mountain there is also a chasm, in italian “Il Voragine di Tiscali”.

Ofcourse the loyal Land Rover Defender brings us close to the Canyon where the entrance is situated, and after about 30 minutes walking through a shady forest we reach the entrance.

In the right time of year, between may and september a ray of sunlight comes in through the ceiling and illumintes the wall in front of us.

This spectacular event lasts just over an hour, and as the sun moves, the beam moves over a natural bridge and eventually before the beam moves out of the cave it illuminates the stalagmites and stalagtites on the wall.

Through a 70 meter long tunnel we reach a large spacious room under Monte Tiscali, about a hundred meters above our heads there is a small opening where some daylight comes in.

About this experience:

The walk to the entrance of the cave is an easy walk and also the visit to the cave itself is all easy going. A perfect and exciting experience for the whole family. Inside the cave it’s nice and cool, and once outside there is an excellent place in the shade to enjoy lunch.

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