In Baronia

Bronze Age temple and sacred springs.

In Orosei and Irgoli they said that there are some hidden treasures of the Bronze Age, eventually we found them! Especially Nuraghe Linnarta is well hidden, but well worth it if you’re into going for a stroll through the fields.

The two monuments are connected by small scenic roads, which make this an excellent occasion to go for an interesting short drive and discover some interesting stuff. The first sacred sprinng is situated behind the small industrial area of Orosei, and belongs to the Bronze Age settlement of Nuraghe Linnarta (Linnarta literally means high trees) you get there from the road SS125, and you have to go through a farm, the gate is always open.

Stone henge? No! Nuragic

Jana e Prunas

at the top of Monte Senes in Irgoli, is managed by the municipality of Irgoli and is easily accessible, you follow the brown signs out of town and you’ll get there eventually. There are two interesting monuments, the first is a very interesting Nuragic Megaron temple, which is located at an altitude of 800 meters from where you have a beautiful view around. A short walk brings you to the sacred spring. The picture above is of a so-called Domus de Janas, from the late Stone Age, 3000 BC, and is not far away in the hills belonging to Onifai.

Map of Baronia

The internet site for Jana e Prunas

Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday  10:00 – 18:00 (Monday closed)

Telephone: 0784/979074 –3402958083

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