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Sardinia has a lot of different types of orchids.

They’re such amazing pieces of art created by mother nature! I rememember an article in “National Geographic” some years ago (09.2009) called “Sneaky Sexy Orchids” by Michael Pollan.

One of the types of Ophrys he mentiones grows in the olive grove, just below the house, the Ophrys Ciliata, which according to Pollan is a type of mirror orchid, that imitates the reflection of the blue sky on the wings of the female wasp and like that attracts male wasps. All this to favour impollination. Amazing!

Flowering time is usual from the beginning of March until the end of May, different species flower in different periods and also altitude above sea level plays an important role.

Diffferent types of Ophrys

Anyway that’s how it usually is. This year I have been waiting for them to pop up, and finally some have come out just now. Later than usual, and surely this is due to the lack of rain we’ve been having, or rather not having, it hadn’t rained for 10 weeks between mid Januari and the beginning of April.

So I just had to have a look at my photos from 2013 and 2014 instead of seeing the real thing. Here are some of the best shots.

The ones on the photos ar Ophrys Ciliata (wasp-like), Ophrys Apifera (bee-like), Ophrys Fusca (beetle-like) and the Ophrys Morisii (mirror ophrys) named after Giuseppe Moris, an italian doctor from Turin that categorized many plants in Sardinia in the 19th century.

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