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The walk to Cala Goloritze is easy to find.

The last couple of years Cala Goloritzè has been mentioned on Tripadvisor as one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia. Probably they’re right, it surely is a gorgeous beach, with a white pebbly beach and cristal clear blue water.

In the summer it looses a bit of it’s charm because it literally gets covered with towels . Therefore I advise you to go outside of the summer months, or if you have to go in the summer go early.

However! Many people are uninformed

It’s quite funny to see people in thongs walking down, people with towels around their neck, thinking the beach is around the corner, I even once met a guy pushing a baby trolley over the rocks! A lot of people think they’re in for an easy stroll to the beach, but you could hardly be further from the truth.

The track is actually steep and lousy, lacking maintenance and frequently destroyed by the autumn rain showers.

Cala Goloritzè !!

What you need to know about the walk to Goloritzè.


  • Wear good shoes, the track is all stones and rock.
  • Bring enough water and lunch, there’s no bar anywhere before you get back to the top. This means that on warm days you need to bring at least 2 liters per person.
  • Protect yourself from the sun.


The beach belongs to Baunei and once you get to the beach you’ll have to pay one euro to get on. Besides that also parking your car at the guarded parking of Su Porteddu costs around €5,00 for the whole day.

The track to Goloritzè in numbers

You need about 1,5 hours to get down and 2 hours to get back up. The altitude difference between the starting point at Su Porteddu and the beach is around 450 m. One way is just under 4 km.

About 60% of the track is in the shade, but because you’re in a valley there’s not much wind so it will be nice and warm!

The sun disappears relatively early, around 15.00 in the late summer due to the steep rock-wall behind it.

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