Who are we?

  • a small group of local guides from the towns around the Supramonte area,
  • we are passionate hikers and lovers of nature and outdoor activities,
  • we are all involved in small-scale agriculture, mainly viticulture and olive growing.

Why with us?

  • We speak your language and the local language.
  • We are torist guides and excursion guides certified by the Region of Sardinia, we have
  • many years of experience with leading groups,
  • a great knowledge of the area,
  • we live in the area and know what lives in the area.
  • Our tours are organized in such a way that you can fully enjoy the environment by bringing you at the right time at the right place so that you don’t have to gey bored or get tired unnecessarily.

On request we create Custom made experiences and self guided itineraries.

Wondering about the added value of a Private Tourist Guide?

  • Some things are just hard to find on your own.
  • With a guide you don’t have to drive yourself,
  • you get where you want to go,
  • see what you set out to see,
  • get the right information
  • and learn some funny anecdotes on the way,
  • without having to read 5 travel guides before you have an idea what’s going on, to name just a few.

If you go walking on your own.

In Sardinia, interesting things and hiking trails are often poorly marked. Good preparation (map, description) and orientation skills are fundamental if you want to take a walk in the mountains independently. Sardinia is scarcely inhabited and getting lost in the mountains is not very funny. Hiring an expert guide is therefore a guarantee for the success of your trip.

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